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11 20 2020


Exhausted and emotionally worn out, distant and forgetful.


Exploring themes of generational rage and trauma, writ by the confusing waves of global violence over the last 50 years.

Night Dive

Moonlit diving, phosphorescence, the ocean at night.


The last project released in 2019, “Growth” is all about rich soundscapes and nostalgic tones. It’s an expression of hope for the future, and an ode to the past all at once.


This EP is a reflection of personal experiences meeting people across the globe, and talking with them about their lives. We are all connected, but contrasted as well, by our perspectives.

Avoiding Things pt1

An exhausted sounding piano-driven collection of lofi beats, born from the stress and anxiety of looming project deadlines.

Look for PART 2 coming out late 2020…


Inspired by the onset of spring, this lofi project hums with new life, warmth over faded summer beats.

Ways TO Water

Young people trying to connect, riding through Toronto’s streets, dealing with the reality of semi-detached city life. Original soundtrack.

The Trees

A haunting collaboration with Alanna Brown inspired by experiences of lonliness, desolation, solitude and longing.


Shinogo’s sophomore release is a sweeping journey through self-discovery and growth. Each track takes you to a scene experienced between 2009 and 2012, transporting you to the “little world” that each memory represents.

Check out the digital booklet released with the album:

The Pulse

Shinogo’s debut project is the culmination of 2 years of fractured development. A mixed collection of ambient, trip hop, dubstep and genres in-between, it was released originally for free in 2009 and is now available on all streaming platforms.


Obscura - The Beat Tape

An eclectic instrumental project that was the culmination of 2015’s Soundcloud singles.


Faded, jazzy flips with classic drums, a collection of sample-based lofi hip hop beats.